Chinese mistress beaten up

Suspected Mistress In Lanzhou Stripped And Beaten In Public

A woman was stripped and beaten in public on Sunday morning in Lanzhou, Gansu province, just outside her residential compound, with her four-year-old daughter present. She was jumped by five women who were reportedly out to teach her a lesson for committing adultery. fight

The attack happened suddenly when the young mother and her little daughter were ready to enter the residential complex. Five women, among whom four were 30-something and one was about 50 years old, went directly to the young mother, fling abuses at and beat her up.

“Beat you bitch to death! How dare you commit adultery again!” the attackers were heard shouting at the poor mother, implying she was a mistress.

With more passers-by stopping to look on, the five attackers started to strip clothes off the alleged Xiaosan. Minutes later the victim was stripped nude in front of a large crowd of onlookers.

The assault reportedly lasted an hour, with the video above showing only the final few minutes.

Several private security guards of the residential complex were on the spot but they appeared to have tried to avoid trouble and done nothing to protect the young mother from being repeatedly beaten except helping the victim to hang her stripped clothes over her private areas.

What are your feelings about this story?


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