triangulation in your marriage

Triangulating is abuse used by Narcissists, Cheaters, Con Artists, and Liars in a marriage.

The best way to get away with something is to deflect, divert, and emotionally manipulate if you are a person with no empathy or conscience. Learn how to protect your heart and your home from manipulators.
Dancing in the Gaslight by Victoria Summit
Dancing in the Gaslight by Victoria Summit

— There are ups and downs to every relationship. We all know that. However, there comes a point where there are so many ups and downs that you wonder if the roller coaster is ever going to stop.

When you’re in a relationship with a gaslighter, the real world slowly begins to fade away as lies and abuse take front and center.

Gaslighting is a form of mental and emotional abuse where the abuser delights in confusing his or her target. Some gaslighters do it just for fun, to see how far they can push their partners. Others gaslight their lovers because they are hiding a secret: an affair, gambling, drugs, alcohol, another family, or something else.

As your relationship goes on, even if you marry, you may one day realize that you’re in “competition” with a lot of people. You realize that your gaslighter compares you to exes, that suddenly an ex-wife’s opinion takes precedence over yours. He may set you up to fail with his children, making you look like a “bad guy” only because you don’ t know the truth about a situation because information was withheld.

Triangulation means you suddenly find yourself wondering why some online friend is more important than you are. Espeically when you’ve never met them or heard of them. Especially when you are “told” not to contact them. But if you try to contact them, you will look crazy. When you are caught in the web of triangulation, it’s difficult to complain about your situation because you’re in so deep that people wonder if you’re the problem.

Triangulation can be compared to a game of telephone, with the narcissist, (gaslighter) manipulating the game to send the message he or she desires. The gaslighter will purposely withhold information just to watch the sparks fly.

The goal of the gaslighter is to have you isolated from friends, family, children, step-children, exes, until your world revolves around only him or her. In your gut, in your heart, you know that something doesn’t feel right but you can’t put your finger on it. When you attempt to explain it, you sound crazy, even to yourself.

Victoria Summit has written the Gaslight Survivor Series to educate people of all ages about gaslighting, narcissists, con artists, and cheaters. There are signs to watch for in these cold-hearted predators. The key thing to remember that gaslighters thrive on kind-hearted, generous people who have it together, or seem to, especially if they have a great career or celebrity status or own property. The gaslighter loves to steal everything in sight from heart to home all the while lying and cheating, marrying, and often playing the perfect spouse, until he or she grows bored once more.

Gaslighters can be children, teenagers, parents, spouses, bosses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, policemen, writers…In other words, anyone can be a gaslighter. Anyone can be gaslighted if the circumstances are just right. Don’t let it be you.

The Gaslight Survivor Series can be found in print and as ebooks in most online bookstores.

Dancing in the Gaslight

How Many Lies Are Too Many?


Dancing in the Gaslight on Kindle:

How Many Lies Are Too Many? on Kindle:…


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