Did he cheat via whatsapp and how to check it

As some developers bring in more functions to their apps, so are we looking for ways to use them judiciously..

sice these oloshos aint loyal no more, you can now know if your girlfriend is using her whatsapp to cheat on your with her other boyfriends thanks to whatsapp web.

whatsapp web synchronizes your laptops browser with your phone (original intention)

here, we synchronizes her whatsapp with your laptops browser.

what you need:

1. laptop with internet connection
2. browser e.g chrome or mozilla
3. her phone.(for 3 minutes)

4. small brain


1. Log on to web.whatsapp.com from your laptop browser

2. pick her phone (this can be done when she is cooking, in the bathroom etc), launch whatsapp, touch menu and select whatsapp web.

3. scan the barcode on the laptop with the phone. bingo


now your can monitor her chats when she is online from the safety of your home by just logging on to web.whatsapp.com….and she wont know unless she is tech savvy.

perfect for sacking her abi?







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