Dump that cheater!!

Six Ways to Dump That Rotten, Cheating Liar!!



When dealing with a liar or cheater, it’s often best to break up with them. This article covers six creative ways to break up and have a little fun, revenge.

Oh No, Not Again

Let’s face it, no one likes to be lied to or cheated on, especially when they’ve invested so much of their love and devotion into a relationship, if you are dealing with a lier or a cheat,  you can be sure of one thing: that you may forgive, but it’s doubtful you’ll ever forget. In most cases, even if you can find it in your heart to forgive them, the chances are pretty good that you’re just opening yourself up to being hurt again. this is make it or break it time. . Do you let them squirm and worm their way back into your life again, postponing the inevitable, or do you make sure that this is the final slap in the face you’ll take and show them that you’re not a doormat?

You Can Do Better

Don’t you deserve someone who is as committed to fidelity as you are? Have you been living a lie? Have you looked the other way time and time again? Don’t you think it’s time you dumped that rotten, cheating liar to make room for a relationship that’s honest and doesn’t hurt you all the time? If you’re ready to dump that loser for a better model, here are 6 ways to toss them out with the trash and have a little fun while doing it. Good riddance.

1. Put all of their belongings they’ve left at your place in a box and leave it by the front door. If they don’t show up to claim it in a few days, mail it to them, postage due; or else give it to the trash man.

2. Find their little black book or BlackBerry and write a ransom note requesting money or a public apology for being such a low life. If they don’t pay up, tell them you’re going to auction it off on eBay.

3. Change your Facebook status to “single” and delete all pictures that have their face in it. Act as if they never existed.

4. Have a “Not Wanted” poster made up with their picture on it, make tons of copies and post them all over town.

5. Photoshop the liar’s face onto a picture of a cheetah, upload it and send it to all their contacts.

6. Let the cheater see you out on a date with someone else, having a fabulous time, of course.

“Yes, you can forgive a cheater, but first you must ask yourself is it really worth it in the event that it may happen again.” – 

The Point of No Return

How many times will you cave and  fall for their lies  and lame apologies or listen to them sweetly say, “I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again,” just to let you down once more? Isn’t once enough? You want to make sure that they won’t be coming around tempting you with cheap bribes and crocodile tears. You want to take these drastic and fantastic measures to help yourself, because you know by doing these things you have probably passed the point of no return in this relationship, which is where it should have been the first time they lied and cheated. If you need help dealing with the pain they left you to deal with, contact a counselor today!

“If you fear being cheated on, take things slowly, and don’t compromise yourself.” – 

Will they come back to you or is it time to move on?


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