Oops, cheater got busted!!!!

Fiancé of Victor Cruz (New York Giants) Shows Us How To Put An End To Sidechicks!

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

Some athletes really can’t stay faithful in a room full of hoes. Despite being a “model” citizen and “ambassador” for the New York Giants, it appears that Victor Cruz isn’t as clean cut as we all probably thought.

Mediatakeout obtained a screenshot text from Vic’s fiance, Elaina Watley, that she sent to all of his slutty sidechicks in hopes of destroying Cruz’s stable of sluts. Let’s just say, her crushing text may have been the final blow to their connection to the star receiver. Check out the screenshot below.

Victor Cruz Fiance Screenshot

After not even playing a single down this season, you would have thought that Victor was more focused on trying to return to the precious field. But instead, Cruz is busy trying to get first downs (and seconds)  against team thottie. Shape up Victor, because New York is maybe going to need you on Sundays, we think.

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