How to get back at the other woman.

revvvengeThere are many examples:

Let dozens of pizzas or other stuff be delivered, ordered in her name. Or cakes, pastries, tortes. Order in het name with  her emailaddress, and let all kinds of stuff to be delivered to her house.

One personal revenge I heard about was when someone (not me) put her ex-boyfriend’s name and address into ever contest and drawing, requested every possible free catalog and newsletter, and plastered his email all over the internet until he was drowning in junk snail mail and spam. That could work for the other woman too.

Or you could/ can get your revenge by living well. This will probably save you a lot of time, work, and heartache in the long run.

And there is a website called where this guy named Nik Richie posts peoples gossip on other people… leaving the gossiper anonymous, and the gossiped about completely exposed. If she gets posted in there the website is popular enough that every time someone googles her name they’ll see her plastered, and exposed on that website. Not a great idea to do something like that though… guess in a sense I’m playing the devil by giving you the matches, and leaving it up to you to start the fire :P..



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