Cheater busted via groups app.

Victor Cruz, 28, has been busted by his fiancée Elaina Watley, 29, for cheating according to a new report. After finding out he had allegedly been straying, she put his side pieces on notice with a mass text.Victor-Cruz-text messageElaina, who has a three-year-old daughter with the Pro-bowl wideout, thought it would be a good move to include all the women and Victor in the message and suggest that they should all get to know each other. One women, who was allegedly was on Cruz’s hit list, spoke to U.S. Weekly  about the situation with Cruz.“We never met…we were supposed to meet when he came to play here but because of his injury he didn’t travel with the Giants,” the Texas woman – who wished to remain anonymous – added. “I’m glad we never did. He’d tell me him and his fiancée were broken up and just keeping up appearances. I never believed him.”

Cruz hasn’t played yet this season due to a lingering calf injury he sustained during practice in the preseason.


Isn’t this a funny story? Busted via a groups app, would you do that to your cheater? Or would you just leave them, to sort it all out by themselves? Let me know……


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