Father cheats on wife with daughter

kskiMan spends year cheating on wife with their daughter

Talk of being forced out of marriage by your only daughter who claims that her father is the only man who makes her feel like a real woman.


Such is the story of Glenda Hleki, a woman from Northend in Bulawayo who was shown the exit by her husband Mucha Hleki after he allegedly fell in love with their daughter, Tinei.

The heartbroken woman discovered her husband and daughter’s alleged affair when the man mistakenly sent a message to his wife that was directed to Tinei.

“My darling Tinei, I had a nice time with you and I cannot wait to see you again tonight,” read the message.

Glenda was shocked and after reading the text message, she reportedly thought it was a typing error until the time she confronted her husband on the issue. Hleki, who was already madly in love with his daughter is said to have told his wife that he was having having an affair with their daughter.

“When Glenda asked her husband about what he was trying to say in the message, he never wasted her time. he told her to read the message again. Hleki then told his wife that he had fallen in love with their only daughter and she had to accept that fact,” said the source.

Glenda, who thought her husband was joking, reportedly phoned her daughter telling her to rush home.

“When the woman asked Tinei about what was happening, she refused to talk about the issue in the absence of her father. In the evening, when everyone was at home, they discussed the matter and Tinei confessed that the relationship had been going on for a year. Without a shame, Tinei told her mother that her father was the only man who made her feel like a real woman,” said the source.

Upon realising that he had caused a war in the house, Hleki allegedly ordered his wife to pack all her belongings if she did not like what was happening. He is said to have told his wife that he preferred spending the night with his daughter. Glenda reportedly moved out of their matrimonial home and leaving her husband and daughter to continue having great time without interference.

When Glenda was contacted for comment, she confirmed the incident and said she is still struggling to come to terms with the development.

“I still find it hard to believe that my own daughter is sleeping with mu husband, her father! I moved out of our home because what they are doing is taboo and I know the ancestors will punish them,” she said.

Hleki and Tinei refused to comment on the issue saying they had no business to discuss with journalists.

This is a terrible story. Happens more often. A real disaster! Have you ever heard of a story like this? Do share with us…..


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