Remarrying the ex-spouse, wed & divorce & remarry

Some people are considering remarrying the ex-spouse. And some people actually really do. Here are some famous ones (13)  who really remarried their ex-spouse:

Actress Elisabeth Taylor remarried her ex-spouse Richard Burton. Actress Natalie Wood remarried ex-husband Robert Wagner. Actress Pamela Anderson remarried ex Rick Salomon. Singer Marrie Osmond remarried her Stephen Craig. Actress Lana Turner remarried Stephen Crane. Actor Don Johnson his ex Melanie Griffith. Singer Eminem his ex Kim Mathers. Singer Pink her Carey Hart. Actor Sean Penn his Robin Wright. Actor Stan Laurel his Virginia Roger. Singer Dionne Warwick her William Elliott. Larry King, his Alene Akins. Actor Jean Claude van Damme his Gladys Portugues. And there are many more!!! And also many not famous people tied the knot with each other twice.

For different reasons they think that the second time, they will succeed. It is still an exception that people choose this option.

Sometimes it is many years later. Sometimes there has been an affair in between the two marriages. And or a giantic time lapse. It is possible if people have healed from the divorce and learned things from it. And if there is still love!!!!! It is possible. Would you consider it? Would you do it?







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