Cheaters who really married their nannies



Some cheaters really married their nannies. Not all cheaters who flirt & play with their nannies marry them afterwards, but some did. Here are some:

Comedian/actor Robin Williams married his nanny Marsha Garces after his divorce. Actor Ethan Hawke married nanny Ryan Shawhuges after his divorce. Barcelona player and FC Barcelona Manager Frank Rijkaard married his nanny Stefanie Rucker. Tiger Woods married nanny Elin Nordegren.

There are some that have offspring with their nanny, like actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, although he didnot marry the cook/nanny Mildred Baena. Actor Jude Law didnot marry the nanny either (Daisy Wright), but it wrecked his relationship with Sienna Miller nevertheless. But most people who cheat with the nanny do not marry her after the divorce. It is still an exception.

Because of all this, its still surprising that people still hire nannies. And most of them hire young beautiful nannies. Whether thats clever or not.

Lately because of the nannygate less and less people are inclined to hire a nanny and rather mother & take care of their own children themselves.




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