Remarry the ex

It happens regularly that ex-partners remarry each other again. This month Germany has his own happy fairytale, their ex-firstlady Bettina Wulff remarried her ex-partner again, for the church even. So ex-bunderprasident and politician Christian Wulff and ex-first lady Bettina Wulff remarried each other again and had the whole of Germany talking about it. They parted a couple of years ago. She had a lover for a year, the well-known sport manager Stefan Schaffelhuber who was the manager of famous tennisplayer Boris Becker. But now Christian and Bettina are back together. A german fairytale. As they were a wellknown couple. After a terrible divorce with even a book that came out about it (she wrote it herself), they now  decided to remarry each other. When you are in the limelight this all is not easy. And it hasnot been easy for them. Everybody wrote and talked about them in whole of Germany. Many newspapers and magazines wrote articles about this famous couple. And talkshows talked about them. There was even made a film about their life. Bettina was his second wife. And much younger then him, that also kept the tongues going on about them. The choice of remarriage is not easy to make. But they did it. Is it an example for others? Maybe in Germany! As they are in the limelight again. Lets hope for them that this time it is a better one. Would you consider to remarry your ex partner? Or did that ship sail already? Do you think it is a good idea? Would you have loved to remarry your ex partner, if you had the choice? Tell me about it, share……. wulffobamamerkelwulffsssbettinabellevue


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