The other woman

There are a lot of articles spend on the intrigue of the other woman. Like most of us want to know more about the motivations desires and thoughts of the other woman. Or other man for that matter. Why do they want our partner, will they stay, will they leave, what will it take etc etc. Many articles write about the behaviour, character and analysis of the other woman. The more we know the more we think we can control the outcome. So up we read more and more about this person. This phenomena. What we dont realise is that the other woman is not significant. Not significant at all. It could have been any woman. As some man just want something new. Something fresh. A new opportunity. Any opportunity. How sad this may sound. But it is often the truth. It doesnt matter who the other  person is, as long as it is new and different. And willing. Specially willing. Because thats the key. Is this news to you? Think about it. Its often the case. As sad as that is. Do you want to share your story? About the other woman? Or the other man? Here is your


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