Reconciliation after infidelity

After infidelity on one or on both sides there are several options to choose. One of the options is to leave the relationship. Another is to choose for reconciliation. Another choice is to have a temporarily break or time-out. If you choose for  reconciliation there are many ways to go around that. You can go to couples retreat weekends with therapy and a counselor and all that. Or you can work your way through selfhelp books and videos/dvds. Or go to a pastor or churchleader for help. Whatever suits you  best. Sometimes it, works sometimes it does not. It depends on if you both are willing to put the effort in. Otherwise you have to go and leave the relationship. Simple as that. Sounds easy but is very difficult. Nobody can make such a decision for you, only yourself and your partner. If he or she is willing to cut ties with the other woman or other man then there is a chance for reconcilitation. But do check!!!! Dont be fooled! Have you had some experbedsssience with reconcilitation? How did it work for you? Do share.


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