When two women fight over one man.

When two women fight over one man you might think that one of the two will win and end up with him. But no, mostly the end result will be that a third will run off with him in the end. This sounds strange but is in most cases the end result. There are plenty examples where this happened. And a lot of women therefor dont want to be in a triangulation because they know that a third party will then be the final winner eventually. Also a lot of women realize that during the period that the husband is still living with the wife and whilst having an affair, he is still sleeping with his own wife. Although he might say otherwise. So he is triangulating the two. And not a lot of women sexttttcan take that for long. Specially when they realise they have been conned. Many times the wife even gets pregnant and then the affair partner realises that he has still been sleeping with his own wife all along,  although denying this. So suspicion enters in the equation and mistrust, therefor the affair will enter in his final stage. Because arguments and tension will arise, and when the relationship ends, a third party will come and have the place of the so-called final other woman. So the story will roughly ends for many people in this way. How did your story go? Do you want to share?


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