Is checking your partners phone or email or phonebills okay? If you suspect cheating.

Would you check your partners phone or email or phonebills when you suspect him or her cheating on you? Or would you use a checking device for in the car to check whereabouts? Or would you leave it and wait till evidence reach you in a natural way? Would you follow his or her car? Or would that all be beneath you? Do you need evidence or do you go by what your gut tells you? Many of us hope that when we suspect something, it will all go away and that it is all a misunderstanding. But sometimes we do need evidence and we do want to be certain. About someones whereabouts, chats, and email contacts. Its not good to be suspicious, but its also not good to be too trustworthy. Because you dont want to be deceived. Specially when that already happened to you once. You want to keep an eye open. Is your partner sharing with you his or her passwords, or is everything behind secret codes. Are you allowed to read his or her chats or is it all secretive. What is your mind about all these things, share with us, do tell,signpost



  1. Janice Wald · October 30, 2015

    I met you in the Community Pool. I help new at my site. Nice to meet you.


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