How to get back at the other woman?

Many ask how to get back at the other woman. Or at the other man for that matter. There are many ways ofcourse. Some subtle and some not so subtle ways. Some public ways and some hidden ways. Some with huge consequences and some with no consequences at all. I have heard of many examples and I will share some here with you.

First a subtle one. A rumour was spread about the other woman, via far away acquantainces and that rumour came closer and closer until it reached the so (significant other) about a certain sexual disease that the other woman might have. He left her like a hot potatoe. He never found out that the rumour was started by his own wife.

Not so subtle example was, that a wife put all kinds of pictures on facebook of her significant other, the pictures were of him together with all kinds of different women. The other woman dropped him like a hot potatoe.

A public example was, a woman put an ad in a local newspaper about her husband that he was living with her neighbour while still married to her. Now that the whole town knew, the lovely two-some split up, and he went back to his wife. The other woman moved to another town.

A hidden example was, a wife that had to move out of her beloved home unwillingly, put some dead fish in the curtain rods of the marital home. The husband and the other woman had to move out later because of the terrible stench that just wouldnot stop. They didnot know where it came from, even after extensive cleaning and washing carpets and furniture and curtains.

Another public example was; another woman let the company know where her husband and other woman worked, that they had an affair. Via flyers that were spread with photos and all. They both lost their jobs because of this.

A wife put the name and telephone number of the other woman  in a newspaper to be called for escortservice. The other woman got many unexpected calls after that, and the husband left her because of this and went back to his wife.

And so are many more examples of revenge on the other woman (or other man for that matter). Do you know some or heard of some? Or experienced carssome of these? Let me know. Do share.


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