Is online cheating real cheating?

Many people ask this: Is online cheating real cheating? It depends what you consider cheating. And what they did online. There is a fine line between friendship and a relationship. Because there is a difference. What you share with a partner you might not share with your friends. Sometimes something starts as a friendship and ends in an relationship. But the personal physical things you share with your partner you should not share with your friends. There is a fine line. Cheating can start online. And it often does. So it is worth checking that!! If your partner has for example secret passwords for his/her laptop he/she might be withholding something from you.  Be aware, dont be naive. It can start online and simply end up in a nasty hotelroom of all places. If someone locks his/her phone it is sometimes also a sign of secrecy and deceit. So watch that. And if you are not allowed on his or her facebook page, That there is a big sign!!! So check that out. So cheating can start online and often does. Did you ever had that experience of somebody cheating on you with somebody online? How did you deal with that? Were you able to tackle it? And put an end to it, or was it already too late. Let me know.wanderingShare with us.


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