Cheaters, common and royal ones.

Common and royal cheaters: Cheaters and the Women They Cheat With.

Normally, cheaters cheat with women they have access to. Surprisingly, many male cheaters are not very picky about the women they cheat with, frequently cheating with women that are way below status than their current partner in looks, background  and intelligence. Sometimes men cheat simply because they have the opportunity. Cheating is typically done by four types of men: those with low self esteem, those who are unhappy at home and those who are afraid of commitment and are seeking ‘fun love’ and those that claim to be in midlife crisis. According to the statistics on cheating spouses, 50 to 70% of married men (between 38 and 53 million men) have cheated or will cheat on their wives. One recent study found that two-thirds of the wives (26 to 36 million women) whose husbands were cheating had no clue their partners/husbands were having an affair – mostly because they failed to recognize their cheating/deceiving signs.

Married men sometimes cheat because they feel that having an affair will prevent them from breaking up their family unit, without hurting their wives because “what they don’t know, won’t hurt them.” That way the man is able to have the stability of his marriage, along with the excitement of the affair. In other words, he is able to have his cake and eat it too. The problem is that they never address the problems in their marriage, they merely cover it and eventually the cover begins to fall away.

Many times after the thrill of the affair has ended, cheating men will need to find a new affair to fulfill their never-ending thirst for the adrenaline rush only an affair can produce. The secrecy, newness and danger of an affair can be highly addictive, just like a drug and it is very hard to break free from this cyclical addictive process. Some men feel like they have earned the right to have an affair, others rationalize it and still others don’t seem to care about the consequences. Whatever the philandering man’s reason may be, there are no acceptable ones when the other partner is left in the dark and being thoroughly deceived.

If we ponder about famous cheating men, one of the first cheating celebrities that comes to mind is Hugh Grant, a Hollywood film star. While dating Elizabeth Hurley, he was arrested in Hollywood for indecent conduct in a public place with a prostitute named Divine Brown. Shortly thereafter, Hugh gave a public apology on the Tonight Show with Jay Leo and instead of his infidelity affecting his public image negatively, it actually increased his popularity. This was evident in his continued film parts and when he started dating a famous socialite and Unicef ambassador Jemima Khan, ex-wife of famous rich Imran Khan. Some otherfamous break-ups were Sandra Bullock who was cheated on by husband Jesse James, Jennifer Annistan was cheated on by Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie, and actrice Laura Dern was cheated on by Billy Bob Thornton with Angelina Jolie. Elin Nordegren was cheated on by Tiger Woods with several strippers, Heather Locklear was cheated on by Richie Sambora with neigbour Denise Richards, Dennis Quaid was cheated on by Meg Ryan with Crowe, Dean Sheremet on by LeAnn Rimes, Maria Shriver on by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the live-in nanny. All suffered famous breakups with their cheaters, in the excruciating spotlights.

According to an adultery poll of over 300 women over 48% of women having affairs with committed men have asked them to leave their partner. Unfortunately, statistics say that men rarely leave their wives for a mistress and even if they do, they are highly likely to cheat on their mistress repeating their adulterous patterns.One very clear example of a man cheating would be if a man were to regularly take one particular coworker out to lunch or dinner meetings. In most of the cases, it would be safe to assume that she offers him more than just a discussion about work. She is also probably providing him with emotional companionship, giving him an opportunity to share his thoughts and feelings. Men who are cheating emotionally often begin to question whether or not they should be seeing that one particular woman as much as they are now. They know deep down inside that she means more to them than just a regular female friend and thus feel a degree of guilt for seeing her.

According to the latest research, one in five married women has had a fling in the past, the highest numbers ever recorded. In fact, the numbers of cheating wives is now almost equal to that of cheating husbands. This may be because today’s society has given women the permission to be sexually active. However, usually men and women cheat for different reasons and it is clear that men seem to cheat more for sexual fulfillment and women cheat for emotional fulfillment. Whether men’s and women’s reasons for cheating change in the future, remains to be seen.

Some royal cheaters were Prince Charles from England who cheated on his wife princess Diana with his fling Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla betrayed her husband Mr. Andrew Parker Bowles. Prince Bernhard from Holland cheated on his wife Queen Juliana and had even several bastards with his mistresses (plural). Spanish King Juan Carlos cheated on his wife Queen Sophia with adulteress Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. English Prince Andrew was cheated on by his wife princess Sarah with an American John Bryan, Princess Carolina from Monaco was cheated on by her husband Prince Ernst August von Hannover with Moroccan Myriam and later Romanian model Simona.

Breakups for celebrities or royalty is double painful because all the details are publicly known and therefor extra embarassing. So for celebrities and royalty it is really hard to go through a break up.

So cheating is not only a common but also a royal habit. If they were affected by sexual diseases because of it, is not known.carolina

Have you had a public breakup or a break up in the limelight, tell us about it.


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