Eat, pray, betray

Eat, pray, betray, the right title of a book. Because thats what is was about. The writer Elizabeth Gilbert was writing about her life and whereabouts. Both her books about her private life are interesting reads. It showed how she thought about relationships, marriages, and partners. and love, or betrayal, depends what you call it. Its interesting how the ex-partner of her new man is reacting to all of this. Very truly insightful.

Also the book of Rielle Hunter is interesting to read, specially to read how she sees things. Rielle didnot see herself as an adulteress because she herself was single. And that he was married (John Edwards) was his problem, so she thought. Funny he?

Some people lack empathy. Or have only empathy for themselves, so to speak. And thats their excuse. Sometimes havoc is created and they walk all over the mess, and even they write books about it. John Edwards is finally finished with Rielle since a couple of years already (after her book). It opened up his eyes in the end. I guess he saw the havoc all of a sudden and ran. Yeah it took himoffice some time. We cannot all be clever.


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