Adultery, the nannygate explosion!!

The nannygate really exploded. Many papers and magazines wrote already about this. Like the and and wrote about Ben Affleck with his nanny and http://www.people. com and wrote about Gwen Stefani with their nanny issues and  and wrote about Tom Brady with his nanny. Many celebrities who had nannys are not so eager anymore to keep one. Because some marriages didnot stand the challenge and collapsed. Adultery is easy with a live-in nanny who is always around. I expect that the people who will still keep on having nannys will choose for an older variant from now on. Thats just wiser.  But I do believe that after a while nobody will choose for a nanny anymore and will handle their own kids and chores. And will call upon their parents and parents in-laws to do the chores if needed. So the landscape will change because of this. Older nannys and familymembers that will be trusted with these tasks. I for one would never choose a young nanny or a nanny at all. I rather do all the tasks myself. What would you do? Did you have a nanny? Are you still having one? Would you choose an older one from now on? Or do everything yourself? misstressTell me.


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